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How to contribute to SpeakerBuilding.com

If you want to write an article for SpeakerBuilding.com, then read on and fill in the form on the next page. You can contribute to SpeakerBuilding.com by sending an application form to become an author. You get a user name and a password to log in to the publishing system used here at SpeakerBuilding.com.

There you can create new articles in various sections, and submit them for review by the editor. You can upload images too. When the editor have approved an article (some proof reading must be done first), the article is published on the site.

Who can contribute?
Everyone that has something to write about the subject. It must be an article related to loudspeaker design and construction, like a DIY project. If you have any ideas and suggestions for an article, please send them to SpeakerBuilding.com.

Does it cost anything?
No, it's free to contribute a DIY project to SpeakerBuilding.com, and of course free with other types of articles too.

Can I make money on writing articles for SpeakerBuilding.com?
No, not yet I'm afraid. The site does not have any income, so it's not room for paying authors at the time. But this may change.

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Suggest a link!
You can now suggest new links to the Link section, which is under construction. Click here!

Want to contribute to this site?
If you have designed your own speakers and want to present the project, or have an idea for an article, you can contribute to this site. Click here!

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