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1 System Introduction
2 Cabinet and network
3 Test Results

1 Picture of the M1
2 The drivers
3 Cabinet drawing
4 The crossover network
5 Picture of the crossover
6 Anechoic response
7 Impedance
8 Anechoic response of each unit
9 Anechoic response with tweeter polarity reversed

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Making of M1

By Man-Sun Huh
20 Jan 1998

System Introduction

2-Way closed box speaker with Scan-speak units. This speaker system is designed for near field monitoring in small rooms ("M" for M1 means Monitor) and for reproducing clear images. I selected a closed box system. Though "M1" has restricted bass, it can deliver more articulate bass response than any other bass-reflex system. In my room (about 20 square meters), it can play chamber music, jazz and pop with satisfaction Fig. 1. Picture of the M1.

Woofer: Scan-speak 18W/8545 7" paper cone with carbon fiber
This ia an amazing mid-bass unit from Scan-speak Fig. 2. The drivers. It has a sufficiently low bass response and makes me possible to make a closed box system. Its sound is very clear and wide in midrange but need some network technique to control some gentle bump (300-1000 Hz) in the midrange. This unit and some revised versions are used in many well known commercial speaker systems (Wilson WATT5, ProAc 2.5 etc.). The Thiele-Small parameters of specification and test results are:

Parameter                    Listed    Measured
Sensitivity (dB/1m 2.83V)      88.0        87.8
Free air resonance (Hz)        28.0        31.6
B x L (Tm)                      7.2         7.9
Moving mass (g)                19.0        21.7
Qms                            2.41        2.35
Qes                            0.35        0.39
Qts                            0.31        0.34
Vas (Liter)                    54.0        37.1

Tweeter: Scan-speak D2905/9300 28mm soft dome
It's another amazing tweeter from Scan-speak Fig. 2. The drivers. And It's updated version of the legendary D2905/9000. Though not cheap, I can say it has very high cost performance. It's dynamic range is beyond expectation for soft dome and well match with 18W/8545.

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