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Toccata Grande, Part 1

By Lars Mytting
20 Jan 1998



  • Wood-finish and sand-damping in one step
  • T-line design
  • 94 dB efficiency
  • Sturdy driver support
  • Baffle technique reducing diffraction and improving transients
  • Cosy talk on sensitivity, driver area, compression, cabinet vibration and other topics
  • A few disappointments on the way

Summer had been good for them, but the warm July days had passed like a swift river. And, yes... there it came again. Another autumn, another darkness, another set of his wild speaker ideas. She recognised the signs... weird cabinet sketches found on the toilet floor, a huge bill for polypropylene capacitors left in the car, strange technical conversations with his friends. And then she finds him alone in the dark with his computer, his face lit up only up by the rude, yellow colours from the Calsod menu.

Patiently, she starts preparing herself for another autumn without his support. Loneliness, coldness, it would all come now, growing worse for each evening he spends in the basement with that obscure work.

And then that thing. That nasty, huge thing living in the basement... growing bigger and meaner week by week... growing on until it rises and enforces into the living-room around Christmas. A Christmas she hoped that for once would be a clean, humble event with sleds and happy parents. Not this year either. The thing will rise from the basement... his latest, weirdest speaker creation, bigger and uglier and meaner than ever.

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